They call me..."Red Card".
April Madness

Everyone else is busy worrying about their March Madness brackets. But I’m all about making my World Cup pool and bracket predictions. Once Saturday hits, you guys have no idea how much time I’m going to put into making these predictions. I wish I cared this much about school. It’s gonna be crazy. I’m gonna have stuff pinned on my walls. My goal is to have the most accurate predictions of anyone in the IQA. Period. Come at me, bros.



*bangs head against desk*

The IQA can’t please everybody all the time, people. You can call me an IQA fanboy if you want (protip: I’m not). But really, it’s like they CAN’T win. Ever.

Yes, Canadian teams, I get that you’re upset. The announced World Cup date is near your…

I don’t like the date, because its forcing me to move our tournament that we’ve had set in stone so that teams can go to the world cup. Which is a huge hassle because it takes a good 2-3weeks away from regular season and forces teams to finish faster. It also makes Jackie mad at me. xD So that sucks lol.

Why don’t they make it right after when exams are. like mid-late May. Teams are already going to travel crazy hours to get there, so doing it after school ends doesn’t seem that bad to me. It’s not like a regular game where you expect to travel 2 or 3 hours. Most teams are going to be traveling a minimum of what…6? (besides south teams) Probably more travel 15 plus.

Alright, so maybe I DO need to go into why a later date is bad.

First off, the time for American semester schools that World Cup would be falling. It’s pretty hard to find a weekend in May or June that ISN’T either a finals week or graduation week during those two entire months. There’s a difference between telling someone they’ll have to study on the plane, and telling them they’ll have to skip graduation.

Now, for those that have already graduated, school’s out, etc…now your team’s all over the country. Generally, teams would hate this, because teams want to meet as often as possible in the weeks preceding a major event such as the World Cup. Instead, teams might be going into the World Cup having not practiced at all in 3-4 weeks.

Aside from that, most teams try to fundraise money to get plane tickets for their players to all attend together (group discounts and such). But if they’re coming from everywhere, that’s out the window. Round-trip tickets from all over the country, various different prices for those tickets, no group discount, teams having to give players money directly and HOPING that the money is spent on quidditch…huge mess.

And as a last point…April is April. Mild, calm, nice. May? June? July? HOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. OH MY GOD, HOT HOT HOT. I just got done playing a tournament in 90 degree heat. Not recommended, people. Avoid this option when possible.

So that’s that. Now, in regards to your tournament conflict woes…I mean, the IQA has been saying “mid-April” for months now. Did you think they were kidding? Also, if this is regionals you’re referring to, then keep in mind that even though regionals games don’t count as regular season games, the regular season does not end when your regionals do. There will be a specifically announced date from the IQA when all attending World Cup teams must have their 5 official games done by. And if you’re not referring to regionals, well then that tournament IS part of the regular season. And in terms of it being a hassle…well yeah. But at least you’ve still got probably 8-9 months until the tournament to just find a new date. You should be fine.

The IQA Can’t Win, Eh?

*bangs head against desk*

The IQA can’t please everybody all the time, people. You can call me an IQA fanboy if you want (protip: I’m not). But really, it’s like they CAN’T win. Ever.

Yes, Canadian teams, I get that you’re upset. The announced World Cup date is near your finals, meaning you have to make a choice between studying and quidditch. That’s a tough choice to make. BUT, I sincerely doubt the IQA picked this particular date for no good reason. Let me just speculate as to what are the issues with any of the other possible World Cup dates:

Fall (or any other time before March): Well, we tried this already, 5 times. And everyone complained. It doesn’t give collegiate teams nearly enough time to get a team ready for the World Cup. Everyone wants the teams playing at the World Cup to be a culmination of a year’s work, so teams can show their best stuff. So the IQA moved it to Spring, and…

Spring (prior to April 13): Well, it just so happens that some American schools go by the quarter system. And there are a lot of them. In fact, I’d estimate the ratio of American quarter system quidditch schools to Canadian quidditch schools is probably 10:1. And their finals are typically in March. So that would be a whole hell of a lot of schools to screw over. Another complaint is that having it too much earlier (say early March) puts the World Cup too close to when many regions are planning on having their regionals, which puts a financial strain on any teams that have to travel to both (read: a lot of teams). We also don’t know if Kissimmee might have had a say in the picking of the date. Perhaps the field was already taken for the first week of April? Perhaps Kissimmee doesn’t want the field rented during prime Spring Break season? Might not have been the IQA’s fault at all. And speaking of Spring Break…yeah. That’s when it is for most American colleges. During that time, airline and hotel prices go WAYYY up. Travel costs for teams would essentially double, especially going to Florida, a major Spring Break hotspot. I’d say April 13-14 is the earliest safe date to pick.

Late April/later: You know that earlier ratio I had between Canadian teams and quarter system American teams? Well, I’d put the ratio around 30:1 for American semester system quidditch schools. And that’s when their finals start. And if their finals haven’t started, then they’re out of school (actually, I guess Canadian teams would be out of school as well, so this option sucks for you guys, too). You know what…let’s just scratch talking about this one any further. No one really wants this one.

So yeah, it’s going to be hard. You’ll have to talk with teachers, maybe study on the plane or in the hotel room, but you all know the highly cliché saying: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Just be glad you don’t have to spend as much as the Australians.

Now, I’m going to go find a nice place to hide while I await the inevitable onslaught of backlash from Canadians.

WORLD CUP VI: Kissimmee, FL. April 13-14, 2013

The actual news here is the “when”, not the “where”. I think we ALL knew the “where” long before today.